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Anifah slams Anwar for not telling the truth about Malaysia

Anifah slams Anwar for not telling the truth about Malaysia
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WASHINGTON: Foreign Minister Datuk Anifah Aman on Thursday blasted opposition leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim for not telling the truth about Malaysia and Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak.

"We have utmost faith in our judicial system. And insofar as Anwar Ibrahim is concerned, we know him very, very well. More or less, what he has said, especially overseas, most of the things (he said) are untrue. "He has repeatedly said before the election that he would provide evidence and yet, until today, he has not given anything," Anifah said at a joint press conference with US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton here. Anwar had said that he would form a government on Sept 16 last year but had changed the dates several times. "He was trying to entice the members of parliament. I was also offered to jump to the opposition with promise of a lucrative position, and told that it's akin to a (post of) deputy prime minister. These are not known to the world at large (until now)."

Anifah said the government was concerned that Anwar had been tarnishing the image of the country abroad. "He has given the wrong impression and accused all government officials of being corrupt." Meanwhile, Malaysia has expressed hope to the US for the return of two citizens being held at the US-operated military prison in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. The matter was raised during a bilateral meeting on Thursday between Anifah and Clinton at the State Department here. "Malaysia has expressed its hope for the return of the two Malaysians once the review process of the two prisoners is completed," Wisma Putra said in a statement in Kuala Lumpur.

Mohd Farik Amin or Zaid (Zubair) and Mohammed Nazir Lep or Bashir Lep (Lillie) were held for their alleged involvement in Jemaah Islamiah and al-Qaeda militant groups since 2003. They are among 250 detainees held at the US facility.
At the meeting, both leaders of the countries also reaffirmed their commitment towards the conclusion of the bilateral Free Trade Agreement. "Malaysia hopes that as a major economic power, United States would exercise flexibility and understanding to help facilitate the conclusion of the Malaysia-US Free Trade Agreement (Musfta)," the statement added. Malaysia remained supportive of the efforts taken by US President Barack Obama's administration to reach out to the Muslim world and welcomed its commitment to a two-state solution in the Middle East conflict, as well as appreciated its support to the Arab Peace Initiative and the Quartet Roadmap towards peace.

Anifah also extended an invitation to Clinton to visit Malaysia when she attends the Asean Post-Ministerial Conference and the Asean Regional Forum in July. -- Bernama
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oster said...

Shame. The foreign minister taking a partisan tone in an international mission, and trying to justify a criminal charge with irrelevant matters.

I thought Malaysia cares about their image abroad. Anifah Aman simply painted the Malaysian government as an authoritarian, pantang dicabar and petty state.

Furthermore, it showed the inherent partisanship of our executive to the world.




Anwar never care about Malaysia image abroad. He has leveled Malaysian Govt. as a corrupt govt.and lead by bounch of hypcrate leaders. Wherever he goes, he sings the same old nasty song. Now Anifah has given DSAI his medi back. Rem: Wt Karpal Singh said abt DSAI. KS said that he has done alot of damages in this country and has to resign or be replaced. They're in the same ship for God sake; God knows what kind of leader he is.. What abt is 916? He lied right?. American Govt don't take lie and no one does! I do agree to disagree wt any1. I think Anifah has done his God given right and obligation as a Foreign Minister to depend this country from DSAI's continous malc.+ accusation abroad. Thats too is Anifah's moral obligation. I dont think Anwar dare to sue Anifah knowing the fact that he's well verse abt the A2Z of Anwar's Saga wt BN MP of Sabah and Sarawak. Didn't they had a long nego in Australia? and Wt abt DSAI offer to revive USNO via Anifah leadership? will DSAI be more and extra willingly to see his skeleton in Anifah's c.board?. Morally, after the failure of 916, DSAI should've said goobye to M'sian politic voluntarily. look where he's now? Thats the biggest shame in Malaysian Guiness book of Records of Politic.. should be!!. BTW he is NOT too late to resign as to avoid more and more damages done..

proficient said...


Anwar's rise has actually raised Malaysia's reputation abroad. People no longer see Malaysia as a half-democratic state, but one where genuine democratic competition occurs.

Anifah Aman actually did something embarrassing. He used an international diplomatic meeting to throw petty accusations against another party's leader.

Go see how proper foreign ministers behave.

You will never see Hillary Clinton rubbishing Republicans abroad when she visits other countries, because that is bad form, bad manners, looks immature and last of all, shows a petty partisanship by the executive branch of a country.

I was actually hopeful Anifah will do Sabah proud, but instead he brought his pettiness to the international scene.


@Proficient, Are you saying only Anwar can do rubbishing abroad and the rest MUST SHUT UP!. What did Anwar do when he visited Indonesia, Thailand, USA etc. What did Anwar say when he was interviewed by AL-Jazera, cnn and other foreign media. Who actually made the investors shy away frm M'sia. Anwar right? Anwar actually deserved to be given a new tittle "The Biawak Nasional. Always change his words for his political confort most of the time. He destroyed PAS integrity too. Look at his comment on The Mahkamah Tinggi decision on Perak MB!. Look at PKR Sabah where he is the Ketua Perhubungan.. Nothing done and nothing going, nothing on.. other than rubbishing, that why they won 0 seat there. Did you know Anwar did ask all the x PKR candidates in Sabah to pay back the $$ to PKR after PRU12?. Did you know he did instigated the Church leaders in Sabah to against the state just to fullfiled his lust to be PM. He is the donkey of DAP actually. But almost dumped by The Dap's boss..I petty Azizah coz of Saiful's saga. I Think he did it. The time will tell.. and its a syndrome, a withdrawl syndrome. I believe Anwar is a fading leader..overtaken by time.. pitty.

Senjaliza said...

Sakam Sabahkita.
Lihat Anwar buat "rayuan diMakamah Rayuan" pasal kes dia bertahun yang lalu.. Tapi Dr. Zambery buat rayuan AnWar kritik. Inilah sikap AnWar yang patut dia kikis dari jiwa dan raganya kerana itu mengikis kepercayaan orang terhadap dia. Kes beli dan lompat dulu under Gagasan 916; senarai itu macam result 4D di kakilima di kedai kopi. Tiada maruah langsung. Budaya Politik ini mesti dicegah sebelim parah!. Anwar sudah ditolak di Sabah tapi dia memaksa dan mengumpul pemimpin di Sabah yang memang sudah ditolak pengundi dan Parti-parti di Sabah. Name one yang tidak ditolak atau bukan serpihan. Anwar mampu gah di semenanjung sebab ada DAP dan PAS dan dalam PKR ada ADUN yang sekadar PKR tetapi political beliefnya DAP. Mereka hanya pandai dan pakar "tukar warna" dan tukar pakaian mcm Elizabeth Lucah.

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